Hill and Navarro Counties, TX 10/23/2010 Hill and Navarro Counties, TX 10/23/2010

This was an active day with the same system that I had chased
in west TX on the 21st and northwest Texas on the 22nd.
Tornado warnings were issued in the area around the DFW area as early as 7am.
Just after lunch time tornado warnings included NE Tarrant and NW Dallas counties.
As the storms were moving rapidly northeastward out of the area I
elected to pursue the possibilities of severe cells developing to the south.
After sampling several cells near Alvarado and Grandview I headed further south to intercept
a promising cell approaching Hillsboro. As I entered Hill Co. it appeared that
cells further south had signs of rotation near Waco and were moving northeastward.
I turned southeast toward Mexia and intercepted an ominous storm in Hubbard,TX.
As I watched on the southwest side of town an area of circulation quickly developed and became rain-wrapped.
The storm was moving quickly to the northeast and so was I.
I attempted to avoid the core of the storm by taking a ranch road to the southeast.
Unfortunately the storm was also developing in that direction also.
As I passed the town of Purdon I sampled large hail and very high winds.
I stopped at a small store along with volunteer firemen from nearby Oak Valley
until the core and area of circulation had passed.

Thanks to Rocky Watson for providing these three additional radar captures:

One of my video cameras decided it needed to default to auto-focus during most of the chase.
That being the case, nearly all my storm footage looked like an Elizabeth Taylor 'Diamonds'
commercial.. all fuzzed and out of focus.
The only thing clear were the rain drops and small chips on my windshield.
Heavy rain and hail obscured nearly every thing else captured by my streaming video camera.
After the hail threat had passed I continued to Coriscana and eventually
to Athens,TX meeting with Kris Hair, Janette and Jo Bontempo.
As the storms lost their energy I turned northwestward on 175 toward home. Total miles driven = 255

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