Baylor County, TX 10/22/2010
Baylor County, TX 10/22/2010

This afternoon began in Gainesville,TX where I met with chasers
Kris Hair, his son Dylan along with Janette and Jo Bontempo.

We caravaned westward toward several cells near the Seymour,TX area
in Baylor County. Along the way we saw many other chasers up and down the highway
from Seymour north to around Lake Kemp. Several cells initially showed promise and some
rotation but nothing seemed to be able to sustain as the upper level winds were not cooperating.

The TIV 2 was seen several times traversing the area.

I did manage to get several pics and some time lapse video under a few cells.

Even though there were no tornadoes reported it was nice seeing some familiar
chaser faces again as well as meeting some new ones.

Total miles driven = 446

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