West Texas 06/14/2010

I left Dallas,TX around noon and headed out toward the area north of Abilene,TX.
I intercepted a nice rotating storm between Clairemont and Post,TX.
As I sat east of Post chatting with a local rancher and constable I received
a call from the NWS office in Lubbock concerning the cell I was on.
They were watching my ChaserTV video stream and I was able to relay what I was observing.

After the wall and funnel became wrapped in rain I headed west into Post for fuel.
The heavy rains had turned the towns streets into rivers.

After getting gas I headed south toward Gail,TX where I was fortunate to find a hilltop
where I had my pick of storms as they surrounded my location.

This funnel is seen in the distance looking east toward Fluvanna,TX.

Continuing eastward with the storms I traversed Scurry county in very heavy rain
to catch up the front edge of the now linear system near Hermleigh,TX.

I made my way to near Anson, still trying to keep up with the east side of this system that was kicking
up much dirt with >70 mph gusts being reported.

I made my way up to Haskell,TX where I met David Reimer on the east side of town.
We made our way to near Graham,TX as the line bowed out over us with extremely
heavy rains that made it nearly impossible to see the road at times.

Total miles driven: 680

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