North Texas panhandle 06/12/2010

Leaving Amarillo,TX around noon I arrived in Stratford,TX
where I met with Kris Hair, Kendra Reed and David Reimer.

While waiting just west of town I took a few pictures of the most excitement I could find, a train passing by.


Cells soon began firing southwest of us so we made our way that direction.
Taking several secondary, dirt and gravel roads we found ourselves
following a cell from west of Dumas, through town then east where it treated
us to several funnels and even a brief tornado.

Continuing further north and east we had the good fortune to run across
more chasers: Bart Comstock, Jesse Risley, Skip Talbot and others.

We made our way further through Hansford county stopping in several places.

Kris even took some time to inspect his recent critter encounter damage.

We made our way up to near and into Spearman,TX.

We decided to head further south and west finding even more treats along the way.

West of Sunray, TX we found an unfortunate situation: a man hydroplaned across highwater and ended up in a ditch.

Help was summoned and we stayed with him as the core of a cell to our SW made it's way over us.

We ended up crossing the town of Dumas yet again, ending up with a nice meso that tracked north of Lake Meredith.

We tracked the storm northeast, sampling the meso along the way.

North of Stinnett I caught yet another nice wall cloud before dark.

Chaser Bart Comstocks vehicle decided to have brake problems and he rode
with me for a while. We observed several more cells with lowerings in the area
west and north of Stinnett. I returned to Amarillo
for the night then made my way back to Dallas the next morning.

Total miles (from and to Amarillo) = 426

Grand total miles (from Dallas and back) = 1154

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