Dallas County Popcorn Storms 05/30/2010

Dallas County 'popcorn' storms 05/30/2010

This afternoon has been very similar to the previous several days
in that we have experienced a few air mass, or 'popcorn' storms around the area.

Some may briefly reach heights to allow some small hail.
When these storms do collapse they can cause some brief strong wind gusts.
They are relatively small in coverage area but sure do provide some much
welcome relief from the afternoon heat if your lucky enough to be underneath one.

Most of the storms only last for about 30 minutes or so then are gone.
The outflows from many of these storms can easily be seen on a radar
capture taken this afternoon over the DFW area.

Looking northwest at a storm over the northwest portion of Dallas county:

While another one douses downtown Dallas and north Oak Cliff to my southeast.

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