05/19/2010 Oklahoma

05/19/2010 SW / Central Oklahoma

Early in the day I met with chaser Kris Hair and his crew
just north of Marietta, OK. We compared notes then decided to caravan for the day.
We went west toward Waurika then a few miles north where we watched
some Cb transform and eventually become a tor-warned supercell.

We saw what appeared to be a very small white funnel
form briefly from this storm as it grew.
Here is a time-lapse segment of the early stages of this storm.

We followed the storm north.
I continued north to Duncan as Kris and crew went west to check another cell.

As the storm began a more eastward trek, so did I and followed
it to near Harrisburg where it produced two more funnels.

Continuing east I made my way to the small town of Velma
where the storm treated me to several more funnels.

Kris caught up with me and we continued north then east on back roads.
Just west of I-35 we had to stop and back-track as there were trees
down in the road from the subsequent tornado this storm had now produced.

The tornado crossed I-35 and continued eastward just south of Wynnewood.
We stopped briefly on the east side of town to take a few pics.

We continued east but road conditions, very heavy rain
and hail reduced visibility to near zero.
I returned to Wynnewood for gas and food and headed
southbound back home to Dallas.

Total miles driven: 426

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