Southwest Texas

Southwest Texas

This afternoon I followed I-20 west out of Dallas to Loraine,TX
then south on 644 (and a few unpaved jewels) to intersect 208 south.
North of and near Silver,TX I shot some video and stills
of a few cells that showed some signs of rotation
but produced only rain, small hail and lots of wind.

Traveling south on 208 I stopped at Robert Lee for gas.
There I had the good fortune to meet David Eaton with the
Concho Valley Skywarn Association and Texas DPS SRT.
After comparing notes about the days weather events we parted ways.
I found my way to a nearby hill top on a road appropriately named "Seven Mile Hill".
From my caliche road hilltop perch I watched a few cells to the south
and west for a bit.

Afterward I continued east to Bronte then south on 277 to San Angelo stopping in Orient,TX for a shot.

Tornado warnings were issued for some cells southwest of San Angelo near Barnhart on US 67.
Between Barnhart and Mertzon I intercepted a N/S elongated storm and took a few shots.

I drove into the storm but quickly turned back east as I encountered very large hail.
I followed 915 southeast from 67 toward Eldorado then west on 190 to set up for some lightning shots.

Lacking any meaningful data I ended up core-punching my way back to 277
then north to San Angelo to take 67 north back home to Dallas.
This was an educational chase. I learned that data is next to impossible
in a large part of this area of the state. Also that gas prices are 10
to 20 cents per gallon higher than anywhere else I've been this year.

Total miles driven this chase: 721

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