Western Oklahoma

05/12/2010 Western Oklahoma

We headed up from Dallas to OKC then west on I-40.
Along the way out to our target location we had the pleasure
of chatting via ham radio and briefly traveling with chaser Chris Wilburn.

In Sayre, OK we took 283 north to intercept a cell that was previously
tor-warned coming out of Sweetwater, OK heading NE.

Storms were also firing to the south that looked more promising so we headed that way.
On the south side of Sayre we learned that one cell near Wellington,TX
had produced a tornado and was on track NE toward our location.
Leaving Sayre we encountered one cell that produced prolific lightning as it moved across the area.

We continued further south on 283 to near the intersection of E1270 where we witnessed
a spectacular ground-hugging wall cloud with a stout in-flow tail.

Intense rain and hail was quickly wrapping around from the southwest.
Along with a few Vortex II mobile mesonets and sticknet crews
we quickly traveled south on 283 to get out of the RFD.
We stopped near the intersection of 283 and OK 34 (N1950) to shoot a few more stills
as the storm continued NE toward Clinton.

Travelling back on 283 north to I-40 we followed the storm east to Clinton.

In Weatherford we took 54 north but darkness prevented us
from seeing much more that the occasional lightning strike.
After a not so healthy new sandwich at KFC in Weatherford
we called the chase and headed back home to Dallas.

Total miles driven: 711

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