Welcome to WX Dallas, my storm chasing home on the web.
I was born and raised in west Texas, the southern region of tornado alley.
Growing up there allowed me to develop a healthy
respect and deep fascination for severe weather.

Now living in Dallas, TX I try to take as many opportunities as I can
to get out and chase severe weather occurring in the southern plains.
Nothing compares to witnessing torrential rains, huge hail, fierce lightning
experiencing gut-rearranging thunder and seeing funnels and tornadoes.

Armed with the latest technology severe weather is photographed, recorded on
video and streamed live via dash-cam over the internet.

Of course severe weather events and/or resulting damage witnessed is reported
to the
National Weather Service whenever possible using phone, radio or the internet.

On my home page you can find links to check current weather information, view past
storm reports or virtually ride along using the interactive map from ChaserTV.com.
Thank you for visiting.